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If you associate the Caribbean with a laid-back atmosphere, a tranquil beach and a quiet sunset, then you haven’t been to feisty Saint Martin – Sint Maarten. What’s the best part of visiting this dual-governed island? You can get a taste of two distinct, lively cultures all for the price of one vacation. Like much of the Caribbean, the island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Make sure you call or check the websites of any businesses you plan to visit in advance to check on their status.

The 37-square-mile dot is popular with travelers who like to eat well, party hard and shop duty-free in between trips to the beach. The north side, Saint Martin, is controlled by the French government. It’s the home of the island’s tastiest restaurants and party beaches. Whereas cosmopolitan Sint Maarten shelters the most animated casinos, bars and clubs. A territory of the Netherlands Antilles, Saint Maarten takes up the southern 16 square miles.

But for all the excitement, Sint Maarten still fosters a stress-free vibe – starting out with how easily you can pass between both sides of the island. So catch a few morning rays on a quiet Dutch-side beach; later, take a leisurely afternoon stroll through a French-side mountain. You’ll be more than primed to sneak back over the border for a night in the casinos.

When To Go













The best time to visit Saint Martin and Sint Maarten is May and June or between November and mid-December. The island’s weather is pleasant year-round, but these are times when rain showers are less likely. Summer and early fall are not good for a vacation; many hotels close in this offseason and there’s a chance of hurricanes.

Regions Worth Highlighting

Orient Bay

Situated on the northeast coast of French Saint Martin, yachting in Orient Bay is popular among boaters. Aside from its beautiful white sandy beach and the plethora of watersports, kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and the many restaurants and boutiques, the bay has a quieter side as well.

If you want nude beaches and lively nightlife, it is available, however, a relaxing evening aboard in a scenic anchorage is also a favourite. 


Stretching for two miles in front of the Dutch side capital, Philipsburg, a myriad of cruise ships sail into her harbor daily. Thousands of visitors line Great Beach every day, and shopping in Philipsburg is always close at hand.

Philipsburg with the Boardwalk along Great Bay Beach become an attractive center of shopping, business and leisure activities. There are numerous bars and restaurants lining the beach, and even the Casino Rouge et Noir.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach has become one of the island’s leading attractions. This is where the runway almost meets the beach, separated only by a narrow road and a flimsy fence.

The location is also a great place to watch the sunset, and home to Sint Maarten’s largest and most successful hotel complex, The Sonesta Maho Reef Resort The beach itself is framed by two beach bars: Sunset Bar & Grill and on the other end the Driftwood Boat Bar.

Why Charter a Yacht in Saint Martin - Sint Maarten?

St. Maarten/St. Martin is famous for its sun-kissed beaches, but there’s so much more to this island paradise shared by France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands: a cosmopolitan culture and world-class cuisine, a sophisticated but comfortable lifestyle, and unforgettable adventures in the heart of the Caribbean.

Binational & Multiculture

Experience the Caribbean through a European lens and savor the cultures brought here from more than 100 nations.

Culinary Captial of the Caribbean

Innovative chefs stir a melting pot of international flavors at award-winning restaurants that bring the world to your table.

High Standards for Convenient Travelling

Enjoy all the comforts of home, top-notch accommodations, duty-free shopping and a vibrant nightlife.

1000 Island Experiences

From adrenaline-pumping activities on land and at sea to historic sites and thrilling tours, there’s something for everyone.

The Hub of the Region

Easily reached from both sides of the Atlantic, St. Maarten/St. Martin makes the perfect base for exploring the Caribbean.

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