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Explore the World's Most Stunning Destinations Onboard a Luxury Private Yacht

"Yacht charters offer a vacation of a lifetime!"

Quench your thirst for adventure aboard a private yacht charter and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

With JETS & YACHTS wide network of luxury boat rentals, including sailboats, catamarans, and huge super and mega yachts, you’ll be able to tour some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Whether you’re hoping to go island-hopping in Tahiti, whale-watching in Alaska, cruising in the Mediterranean, or exploring locales like the Bahamas or the Caribbean in a whole different way, our luxury yacht charters can provide unique access to secluded beaches, private spots, and, of course, miles of crystal waters to sail upon.

We can help you book yacht rentals in any of the world’s amazing destinations!

About Yacht Charters: Planning an Exceptional Luxury Vacation Experience

"This was one of our most amazing family trips EVER. Outstanding!"

Picture yourself island-hopping in the Bahamas or sipping a cocktail aboard a luxury yacht in the South of France. On a private yacht charter, experiences like these happen every day.

For guests, luxury crewed yacht charters offer access to the world’s most exclusive ports of call on the most luxurious yachts in the world.

Why Charter a Yacht?

Luxury yacht rentals offer five-star service, amazing chef-prepared cuisine, and itineraries and experiences tailored to your preferences. As a primary charter guest, you control all the details, from the destination to the guest list and menu to the onboard amenities. Our charter specialists work with you to carefully curate a voyage that’s a dream come true.

Stress-Free Vacation

All of the details are handled by your broker and the yacht’s crew. Ask your broker for available crewed yachts in your desired destination, and provide your preferences and vision for the vacation. Then, your charter specialist and the crew will work to make sure all of your wants are met.

The World’s Most Revered Destinations

From the aquamarine lagoons of Thailand to the pink-sand beaches of the Bahamas, you can charter a yacht in the world’s most exclusive sailing grounds. JETS & YACHTS arranges yacht charters throughout the world, providing you access to amazing private yachts in nearly every port of call, from Alaska to Tahiti to Italy to Croatia. Wherever you want to go, we can help you charter a luxury yacht.

First-Rate Service and Cuisine

Few vacations are as tailored to your preferences as a yacht charter. Your onboard chef carefully creates a menu that’s tailored to you and your guests’ preferences. Yachting chefs are some of the best in the business. Plus, the deck and interior crews are happy to fulfill any request, from your morning latte to an afternoon beach picnic.

Plan Your Dream Yacht Charter Today

Talk to a charter broker at JETS & YACHTS today and let us know your desired destination, preferences, and what you’d like to experience on your vacation. Our brokers will guide you toward the best charter yachts, must-see activities in your destination, and more. Let us help you plan the yachting vacation of your dreams with our private yacht charters!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Private Yacht Charter?

A private yacht rental is a cruise vacation tailored to your needs and desires. You’ll get use of the yacht and its crew, and you’ll be able to control the activities on the boat and choose which beaches to go to based on your interests.

How Do You Charter a Yacht?

Private yacht charters can be booked by talking to a specialist or broker like the experienced staff at JETS & YACHTS. It should be somebody knowledgeable who can work with you during the whole process and show you a wide range of options. Once your broker helps you find the yacht that fits your dream vacation, you reserve it by signing a contract with the yacht owner.

Where Can I Charter a Yacht?

With JETS & YACHTS, you can charter a yacht online or by phone that will take you anywhere you want to go: Our luxury yacht charters are available in dozens of popular destinations, from the French Riviera to the South Pacific and beyond.

Can I Rent a Yacht for a Day?

Luxury boat rentals are usually done on a weekly basis. A yacht broker like JETS & YACHTS can help you find luxury boat charters within your price range to make sure you have the vacation of your dreams.

How Much Is a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Pricing on a luxury yacht charter can vary. On average, a week-long private yacht charter starts around $10,000 for a sailing yacht or catamaran. A week-long vacation on a superyacht could cost up to $150,000 or more.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mega Yacht?

The price to rent a mega yacht depends on the yacht as well as the yacht owner, but they are usually $150,000 or more per week. Depending on the agreement you sign when you charter a mega yacht, you may also have to pay for food, fuel, and beverages.

How Much Is a Yacht?

Yachts themselves can range in price depending on the size you buy, but the average cost of a luxury boat is $8.4 million. If you just want a taste of the yacht lifestyle, a luxury yacht rental can be a great way to test out what it’s like to have a yacht before you buy one.

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